TC 1200 FLASHLIGHT (Great Flashlight ?) MY REVIEW

What makes the TC 1200 flashlight one of the best tactical tools?

tc 1200 tactical flashlight

These days, you are standing vulnerable to face various types of attempts for personal attacks and Assaults. Such threats can prey upon you, anytime and at anywhere. You deserve the right to safeguard yourself from such chances.

In those instances, the tactical instruments can extend you a worthy assistance. However, if might be the case that you are not familiar to use those instruments.

Likewise, there are issues with the easy availability of such tools and even if you manage to get one, it is likely that the product will cost you a fortune amount.

On the other hand, you can face issues like the instrument is complex to use and hence, you may not be able to use it effectively, when you require using it the most.

Thus, finding a suitable tactical gear that will be universally suitable, is really a stiff task.

An overview of the product

You should not assume the TC 1200 FLASHLIGHT as a mere addition to the list of the available tactical gear. This product has been designed in a style so that it offers the optimum performance and is highly user-friendly.

It happens to be a high-performance edition of tactical flashlight that drew its idea from the military gears. This flashlight features a LED bulb that emits light of intensity 1200 Lumens, highest among all the similar products.

The flashlight comes with various operational modes like, low, Mild, High as well as the strobe mode. In addition, there is the SOS mode. The Strobe mode has been conceived in order to disorient and blinding attackers.

Thus, you have to rate this tactical gear on high notes. Also for signaling help when you need it. As it comes up from the reviews by the existing uses, this flashlight offers them 100,000 Lamp hours.

In addition, the flashlight features multiple options for light concentration and ranges. As claimed by the manufacturer, this light produces 20% brighter light, compared with its closest alternatives and more importantly, the product is completely waterproof.

The manufacturer has done a wonderful job by making the product sturdy and heavy duty, keeping the design sleek and lightweight. This makes it extremely easy for storing and portability.

TC 1200 Tactical flashlight

What are the key features of the product?

  • This flashlight has the capacity to produce LED Light of intensity 1200 Lumen, enough to blind the attackers.

  • Sleek & trim design and extremely lightweight. This makes it easy to carry the flashlight.

  • Constructed with aircraft grade aluminum that makes the product sturdy and extremely durable.

  • The flashlight features 5 different modes for lighting and comes with an adjustable zoom. This makes it easier for the users to adjust the light as per needs.

  • It also features waterproof body casing. Hence, you can use the flashlight in the raining conditions as well.

  • This flashlight offers longest light capacity to the extent of 100,00 lamp hours. This is the highest, produced by all the similar products.

When you buy this product, the package will include a rechargeable battery, AAA battery holder as well as the wall and car chargers. In addition, there will be the storage case for the flashlight light as well. It implies, you will incur some significant savings, as you will not require buying these products, separately.

TC 1200 Tactical Flashlight

What are the challenges in finding a worthy tactical gear?

Have you ever encountered the attempts of physical attacks? IF so, you would have realized how intense those instances can turn. A recently conducted research exhibit the fact that the awareness about the utility and importance of tactical gears are rising sharply among the mass.

People, in contemporary times, know that they can win over the attempts of personal attacks, should they have an effective tactical tool with them. However, carrying the tactical tools at all instances is not feasible.

Even if there are ample of options on tactical tools available in the market, buying one such tool turns tough, as it can cost you an extravagant amount.

Hence, while looking for the tactical tools, you will require approaching the search, being wise and considerate.

The most suitable and affordable tactical gear for the mass

If the instances discussed above have scared you, here comes the solution to your problem. The TC 1200 FLASHLIGHT is a wonderful option as tactical gear that will enable you to win over the attempts of physical attacks and attempts.

This LED flashlight will enable you to escape the prey of the attackers, simply by blinding them by shooting intense light on their eyes. Hence, this product is suitable for use by people of all ages.

Highly effective and functional as well as extremely user-friendly, this flashlight can be used by the teenagers and the adults alike.

If you are among those who require traveling frequently, or your job exposes you to the chances of physical attacks or simply, if you are concerned about your personal safety, and looking for an effective tactical gear within affordable rates, you will be hardly getting a better alternative to this product.

How to use the product for the maximum satisfaction?

  • This flashlight includes 5 setting options for the light. You should pick the settings, depending on the condition of the natural light as well as your needs.

  • If you are facing the challenge of personal attack, use the Strobe Setting to disorient and blind the attackers.

  • There is a bezel on the top that can be effectively used as a self-defense tool

Is there any alternative to this product?

x700 tactical flashlight

If you are looking for an alternative to the TC 1200 FLASHLIGHT, you must give a try on the X700 tactical flashlight that promises you equally satisfactory performance.

The review on this flashlight comes exceptionally positive and hence, you can opt for this product with a good faith. The manufacturer is offering satisfaction or 30-days money back guarantee.

It implies, you will not have to waste your money, if you are unsatisfied with this product. You can go ahead to invest in this product with the assurance that you will be getting the sweetest value in return for your money.

What Others Are Saying About The TC 1200 Tactical Flashlight! 

“Its an awesome flashlight. I’m not much of a flashlight person. because i still had an regular old flashlight. the ones that my grandfather probably used in his day (we all have our thing, ya know?) So, when i decide to purchase a new flashlight. I did all my research. More than enough. I was leaning more towards the brand MAGLITES for home/camping/backpacking/work, etc. Then i came across this website, and their writing style really drew me in. So i payed attention and ended up buying the 1200 tactical flashlight. I love the light and the quality is damn near perfect. Once i got the light, i tested it out. And i hit the LOW beam feature by accident one night. My girlfriend was sleeping by me, she woke up form a deep sleep. She thought someone had invaded the house or we were raided by the police because of the brightness of the light.” – Tim Richards

“Well, this light is extremely bright. It’s so bright the bulb that is on it gives of … what I can describe as a visible amount of radiant heat when its turned on. Obviously, it drains fast while on HIGH mode. Its lighter weight, compact, and easy to hold when I compare it to other models such as the x700, or the Pelican 7600 LED flashlight that was an older flashlight model I had owned. This 1200 tactical flashlight is definitely a good purchase if you are in the market for an almost perfect Tactical Flashlight.”- Dwayne Kidd

“INCREDIBLE LIGHT. It came in the mail fast, then I tested it. The high setting on the light is extremely bright. Great hot spot and the light has plenty of spill. I went to a local high school football field during the night. It lit up the whole football field. The strobe and low setting also worked great with a suitable amount of light on the its low setting. I was a little shocked at just how much light was created with a AA battery. Insane. Its low setting combined with strobe worked great. It has great body build and should give you no problems. I would not hesitate to purchase five of these lights. Looking for a great light, do not hesitate to buy this model.” – Greg Jackson

“The 1200 tactical flashlight is one of the best flashlights out there. For what it is worth, this product can’t be beat. As far as building properties, more denser and tougher is what I find when I compare it to other brand of flashlights and many off branded flashlights, though, for 75% of the price, is twice as bright as the Surefire, tougher body, and glass that’s twice as thick. I won’t name the brand of the other flashlight I have used, but I scratched the bulb on the it in no time and it became damaged later on. The 1200 is going scratch fee for almost a year now.”- Philip Popovich

“I bought this flashlight about a month ago, and its great for the price that you are buying it for.  The things I do with this light are the following: The output for this flashlight is outstanding. Especially when you consider the size. Because of its head is a bit larger than other models it has a more focused throw than some of the other lights with equal amount of lumen output. All that aside, the things I do like about this light a lot are” – Michelle Gallimore

“In the short amount of time that I’ve had this flashlight. It has held up well. Other flashlights were made of too much plastic or their aluminum wasn’t hard. This is great. Since I work on constructions sites a lot. I tend to drop it or other things will DROP on it. So, it’s great that it holds up well.  It’s important to have the right modes. It’s come 5 brightness levels including Strobe and SOS Modes being the most important STOBE MODE. This light has the high/low/ and strobe mode. PERFECT.  On the tip of the flashlight it has a rigid edge, which is meant for using as an attack weapon, but I found some other useful things for it. So, I’m happy with that.” – Angeline T. Johnson

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CONCLUSION: Is The TC 1200 Worth The Money?

Answer: Of coursex700 tactical flashlight

Bottom Line:

Its small, strong quality build, and shines bright. It can work as a defensive weapon. Whether you misplace something around the house.

Or you are in an emergency situation.

RATING: 4 out of 5

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TC 1200 F.A.Q

Q: Where to buy the TC 1200 ?

A: You can buy it directly through the manufacturer through this link.