X700 Tactical Flashlight-Best EDC Flashlight (Review)

Looking for a tactical flashlight having top rating, then you are in the right place.

x700 tactical flashlight

This is about my favorite X700 Tactical Flashlight that has never let me down. I have been using this everywhere I go.

It may appear crazy, but believe me it has bailed me out safely from a lot of critical situations…

The best point is that the X700 Tactical Flashlight offers you more than you expect or require…

…I recommend it as I have been using it. I will explain the details:

The X700 tactical flashlight is a high performance military-grade flashlight…

It is effective as a flashlight, besides functioning as a defense tool to fight off attackers at night…

…This flashlight claims to have light up to 700 lumens and is a powerful flashlight.

Here are its quality features that I believe are very important.

  • Zoom feature that allows zoom up 2000x
  • 700 lumens brightness
  • 5 modes : high, low, mid, SOS and Strobe

Apart from these features, it is very important that you know about its different specifications that are useful and helpful.

To start with are:

  • The X700 is made from aircraft aluminum that is used by real police officers and soldiers…

… There is no evidence to prove this claim, but the fact cannot be denied that it delivers the perceived values.

x700 tactical flashlight

  • It acts as an essential tool for people into the outdoors or camping world or for people in the survival preparation fields.


If cops and soldiers are using certain items with the same build as the X700, then you better believe I will be using it. They trust the build quality, then, why shouldn’t I?

x700 tactical flashlight

“The x700 is made of high grade aluminum. The same material many police officers and soldiers use in their tactical flashlights.”

This tactical flashlight is of immense use to police officers as it holds charge for a longer time…

…Furthermore, it is notable for its alleged benefits that it may be used as a self-defense weapon.

The X700 tactical flashlight weighs just 7 ounces.

The advantage is that you can blind someone at close combat ranges while fighting.

This helps you to be safe. Now referring to the certifications and standards of the tactical flashlight, these have recently gained much importance.

The technology of tactical LED flashlights now comes with certification standards such as ANSI FL1.

Now, let me explain you about the ANSI FL1 standards and their effects…

… Here are its major characteristics that are the ANSI FL1 standards:

  • Light Output: The tactical flashlight lumens rating indicate the total light amount emitted from the flashlight front.


  • Beam Distance: This is referred to the distance measurement in meters at which the beam intensity reaches 0.25 lux. To put it more clearly, the 0.25 lux in perspective, refers to the approximate light amount seen on a clear full moon night.


  • Run Time: The time it takes for the tactical flashlight to get to its initial 10% output. Plainly speaking it refers to the time length you can use the tactical flashlight without requiring to replace or recharge the batteries.


  • Peak Beam Intensity: This is measured in Candela and the beam is the brightest point. Lumen informs you the amount of light coming out of the flashlight in total, while the Candela measures the brightness of the beam at the brightest point.


  • Water Resistance: X700 tactical flashlight performs submerged to 1 meter for 30 minutes and is certified to work up to 4 hours in water deeper than 1 meter.


A final word is if a flashlight fails to list ANSI FL1 standards, it is best to avoid it.

Flashlights sold beyond these standards can make claims, claiming brightness of thousands of lumens as output, but the fact is that such flashlights output is not more than the camera flash of your Smartphone.

In the real world, tactical flashlights come genuinely handy in various situations…

… Of course, some of the applications that the X700 may be of paramount help include:

  • Camping outside
  • Late night while walking your dog
  • Chasing away street dogs late night
  • Using as a physical weapon to combat any attacker
  • Blinding intruders or attackers in your home using the tactical light brightness
  • Lighting your route home, so you don’t go wandering in the dark

There are no doubts that majority of crimes happen at night and so having the X700 flashlight helps and makes you feel safer…

…However, here is a detail about the tactical flashlight key parts.


  • Bezel: This refers to the outside edge surrounding the head of the flashlight (perfect for hitting attackers)


  • Head/LED Housing: The flashlights entire body area surrounding the head


  • Battery Compartment: This is place the batteries are housed


  • Pocket or Keychain Clip: This part of the flashlight helps attaching it to your keychain or clothing (attaching it may prevent you from losing it)


  • Tailcap: The tactical flashlight rear portion


  • LED: The light emits diode at the lens and reflector center and the device creates actual light


  • Lens and Reflector: These magnify light and reflect it creating a brighter and more powerful light.

Button or Switch: This is located on the flashlight tail or rear and this button helps in turning on or off the flashlight.

Now, that everything is explained, it is very important to know the types of light modes…

…Flashlights come with different brightness levels and light modes.

…Good flashlights feature 4 or 5 different modes, suitable for multiple applications.


Here are the different light modes:

  • Low, Medium, and High: Tactical flashlights with low, medium, and high vary in the brightness levels and are suitable for different applications.

For instance, to illuminate a small space, low light is perfect and it will not compromise your vision…

…You can tune the brightness levels of light to medium and high depending on your need.

This unique application of X700 tactical flashlight serves the right purpose at the right time

x700 tactical flashlight

“Signaling for help when in an emergency situation can be the difference between being alive or dead.”

  • Strobe: This light mode is designed specifically to disorient an attacker. This light mode quickly blinks and changes the pattern and intensity to throw off attackers. This is the reason the military personnel and police officers often rely on tactical flashlight for self defense


  • SOS:SOS refers to a Morse code signal that indicates an emergency. The SOS mode is of optimum use when you are hiking or camping outside and you wish to send an emergency signal outside.

Best of All: Your Satisfaction is guaranteed!

x700 tactical flashlightFeel safer and see anything in the dark with this tactical flashlight…

… Get yours now and carry this lightweight flashlight anywhere you go.

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What Others Are Saying About The X700 Tactical Flashlight:

“I love it very much. It took some time getting used though. I used to real big flashlights, like the ones that security guards use. It came in the mail a lot earlier than expected, so that is a plus. The battery life is better than g700 battery life. This tactical flashlight has good features. Better than what is described. Now the light itself is bright. I also had a t2000 lumitact and its brighter than that. So, once again. That is a plus. So, yeah, I give this flashlight a thumb up.” – Christopher Thompson

“Hey, there. This flashlight is smaller than I thought (not a bad thing). I bought it after I read a tactical t2000 flashlight review. I couldn’t buy that flashlight at the time. So, I did some research and found this one. I couldn’t be any happier. I like it very much. I was using it first, then I decided to give it to my husband who is serving in the Marine Corps in Iraq. He likes it as well.” – Michelle Richards

“The x700 flashlight is very well built.  I was in the market for a light with a variety of flashlight colors. But couldn’t find anything to my liking. So, I went for this one. Besides using it for work. This is an important accessory when there is an emergency. Take for instance, I bought a house in the Caribbean (where there are lots of hurricanes). A hurricane hit, no light, no electricity, nothing. This flashlight held up for almost five days with moderate to consistent use. I’m just happy that I purchase it.”  – Michael Johnson

“It’s a nice little flashlight. I was looking for something more compact. I like the flashlight strobe feature. My father was a part of the U.S. Coast Guards and instilled in us the importance of learning help signals such as SOS or Morse code. Great buy!!” – Enrique Rodriguez

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CONCLUSION: Is The X700 Worth The Money?

Answer: Of coursex700 tactical flashlight

Bottom Line:

Its small, strong quality build, and shines bright…

… It can work as a defensive weapon. Whether you misplace something around the house.

… Or you are in an emergency situation.

RATING: 4 out of 5

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X700 Tactical Flashlight F.A.Q

Q: Where to buy the X700 Tactical Flashlight?

A: You can buy X700 directly through the manufacturer through this link.